Analecta Romana Instituti Danici, XXIII (1995)

Analecta Romana Instituti Danici, XXIII (1995)

Krasilnikoff J.A., Mercenary Soldiering in the West and the Developmenmt of the Army of Rome - Tucci P.L., Tra il Quirinale e lAcquedotto Vergine sulla pianta marmorea severiana: i frammenti 538a-o - Sigismund Nielsen H., The Physical Context of Roman Epitaphs and the Structure of the Roman Family - Thunoe E., The Dating of the Façade Mosaics of S. Maria Maggiore in Rome - Fabricius Hansen M., Representing the Past: the Concept and a Study of Antique in 15th century Italy - Kolind Poulsen H., Obstrusive Paintings. A Discussion of Baroque Tendencies in the Works of Correggio - Tassinari G., Un bassorilievo del Thorvaldsen: Minerva e Prometeo. La sua presenza nella glittica dellOttocento e la collezione Poniatowski - Wedebrunn O., Starting with Simplicity. Theories and Buildings of Carl August Ehrenswaerd 1745-1800.

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pp: 196, 111 b/w ill, 2 colour ill.
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