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A Port in Arabia between Rome and the Indian Ocean (3rd C.BC. - 5th C.AD) Khor Rori Report 2.

A Port in Arabia between Rome and the Indian Ocean (3rd C.BC. - 5th C.AD) Khor Rori Report 2.

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Foreword by Alessandra Avanzini; KHOR RORI: sUMHURAM AND ITS TERRITORY: Vittoria Buffa, Alexander V. Sedov, The residential quarter: Area A; Alexander V. Sedov, Excavations at the trench A13; Alexander V. Sedov, The storage quarter: Area B; Alexander V. Sedov, The cultual quarter: Area F; Alexia Pavan, Alexander V. Sedov, Religious architecture in Sumhuram: the extra muros temple; Alexander V. Sedov, The coins from Sumhuram: the 2001A - 2004A seasons; Alessandra Lombardi, Vittoria Buffa, Alexia Pavan, Small finds; Gabriele Carenti, Barbara Wilkens, Terrestrial fauna and marine produce in Sumhuram; Marta Mariotti Lippi, Roberto Becattini, Tiziana Gonnelli, Arcahaeopalinology at Sumhuram; Mauro Cremaschi, Alessandro Perego, Patterns of land use and settlements in the surroundings of Sumhuram; An intensive geo-archaeological survey at Khor Rori: report of field season February 2006: Alessandra Avanzini, Notes for a history of Sumhuram and a new inscription of Yashhurlil; AMR AL-SHARQIYA: ISLAMIC POTTERY: Axelle Rougeulle, A medieval trade entrept at Khor Rori? The study of the Islamic ceramic from amr al-Sharqiya; scientific surveys: Mauro Raffaelli, Marcello Tardelli, Stefano Mosti, Scientific activity in Dhofar (2000 - 2004): botanical mission of Florence University; Mauro Raffaelli, Marcello Tardelli, Stefano Mosti, Khor Rori natural environment ; Erika Ribechini, Mauro Raffaelli, Maria Perla Colombini, Botanical and chemical characterization of frankincense resin from Dhofar; Erika Ribechini, Maria Perla Colombini, Chemical investigation of the resinous material from Sumhuram; Marta Mariotti Lippi, Pasquino Pallecchi, Cristina Bellini, Tiziana Gonnelli, Investigations on the constructional technique of a mud-brick structure in Sumhuram; Pasquino Pallecchi, Analysis of the mortars used to coat the masonry structures in Sumhuram: preliminary results; dhofar: Mario Dini, Carlo Tozzi, Prehistoric archaeological prospecting in Dhofar; Mauro Raffaelli, Marcello Tardelli, Stefano Mosti, Preserving and restoring the frankincense tree (Boswellia sacra) at wadi Doka: a work in progress; Appendix: Appendix i - Radiocarbon dates and chronological sequence of Sumhuram; Appendix ii - Sumhuram: list of A (ambiente), B (building), M (muro), US (unità stratigrafica); Plates; Authors and Istitutions.

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