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A Roman Villa and a Late Roman Infant Cemetery

A Roman Villa and a Late Roman Infant Cemetery

Excavation at Poggio Gramignano Lugnano in Teverina

  • Series: Bibliotheca Archaeologica, 23
  • Format: 21,5 x 28 cm
  • Binding: Hardcover with dustjacket
  • Pages and Illustrations: 1164, 310 b/w ill, 24 colour ill., 269 Plates
  • Publication Year: 1999
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Part One: The Roman Villa at Poggio Gramignano in the region of Lugnano in Teverina: D. Soren and e Roman Villa at Poggio Gramignano in the Region of Lugnano in Teverina; 1- Storia e assetto in età antica del territorio in cui ricade la villa di Poggio Gramignano by D. Monacchi; 2 - Summary of periods of construction and destruction by D. Soren; 3 - Summary of the excavations by D. Soren; 4 - Summary of Archaeological phases of each room by D. Soren; 5 - The Parts Urbana at Poggio Gramignano: summary and reconstruction by D. Soren and W. Aylward; 6 - Linear Measure and geometry in the colonnaded Oecus by W. Aylward; 7 - An interpretation of room 10 by D. Soren and G. Warren; 8 - The antefixes by D. Soren and A.M. Biagini; 9 - Conservation report by J. Williams; 10 - A note on the petrology of Mortar, stucco facing and plaster from the Walls of the roman Villa at Poggio Gramignano by D.F. Williams; Part Two. Material Culture: 1 - Black-Gloss Ware by A. Martin; 2 - Italian sigillata by A. Martin; 3 - African red-slip ware by A. Martin; 4 - Color-coated and painted ware by A. Martin; 5 - Terra sigillata chiara italiaca by D. Monacchi; 6 - Dati archeometrici sulle sigillate chiare italiche rinvenute in Umbria: analisi minero-petrografiche by G. Predieri and Sergio Sfregola; 7 - La ceramica a pareti sottili by C. Piraino; 8 - La ceramica da cucina by C. Piraino; 9 - La ceramica comune by C. Piraino; 10 - La ceramica post-medievale by C. Piraino; 11 - Amphorae by Archer Martin; 12 - Lamps by Archer Martin; 13 - Ceramic building materials by A. Martin; - 14 I bolli laterizi by D. Monacchi; - 15 Consistenza dei reperti di vetro by G. Borghetti; 16 - A note on the petrology of some ceramic building materials, pottery and stone objects by D. Williams; 17 - I mosaici e i pavimenti by D. Monacchi; 18 - Appendice: caratterizzazione mineralogico-petrografica di materiali lapidei in opera nel pavimento by G. Poli and B. Moroni; 19 - Gli affreschi by B. Maurina; 20 - Additional small finds by A. Martin; - 21 - I materiali ceramici in Lugnano in Teverina: analisi archeometriche by G. Predieri and S. Sfrecola; Part Three. The Infant Cemetery: 1 - Introduction to Part Three by D. Soren; 2 - Famine, Pestilence and Brigandage in Italy in the Fifth Century A.D. by F.E. Romer; 3 - The Infant Cemetery at Poggio Gramignano: Description and Analysis by D. Soren, T. Fenton, W. Birkby; 4 - Appendix to Chapter 3: Tool Marks on Infant-bearing Amphorae by J. Williams; 5 - Animal Bone Remains by M. McKinnon; 6 - Charred Floral Remains from the Villa at Poggio Gramignano by K. Adams; 7 - Analysis of the Bronze Basins by M. Fenn; 8 - A Bone Doll from the Infant Cemetery at Poggio Gramignano by L. Shumka; 9 - Hecate and the Infant Cemetery at Poggio Gramignano by D. Soren; 10 - Malaria: medicine and magic in the Roman World by L. D. Lane; Bibliography by Chapter; Part Four - Figures and Plates.

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