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Acta ad Archaeologiam et Artium Historiam Pertinentia: Volumen II

Acta ad Archaeologiam et Artium Historiam Pertinentia: Volumen II

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Axel Seeberg: Padded-dancer vases in the "Style of Timonidas" - James D.Breckenridge: Multiple portrait types - Ryne Kyllingstad and Erik Sjqvist: Hellenistic doorways and thresholds from Morgantina - Hemming Windfeld-Hansen: Les couloirs annulaires dans larchitecture funéraire antique - Hans Peter Lorange: Nuovo contributo allo studio di Palazzo Erculio di Piazza Armerina - Hjalmar Torp: Two sixth-century Coptic stone reliefs with Old Testament scenes - Per Jonas Nordhagen: The mosaics of John VII (705-707 A.D.) - Knut Berg: Notes on the dates of some early Giant Bibles - Martin Blindheim: The Romanesque dragon doorways of the Norwegian stave churches - Bjarne Andberg: Le paysage marin dans la crypte de la cathedrale dAnagni - Staale Sinding-Larsen: Some functional and iconographical aspects of the centralized church in the Italian Renaissance - Christian Norberg-Schulz: La fortezza di Porto Santo Stefano e larchitettura militare - Per Krarup e Hans Peter Lorange: Osservazioni sui ritrovamenti di Sperlonga.

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