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Around the Hearth.

Around the Hearth.

Caeretan Cylinder-Stamped Braziers.

  • Series: Studia Archaeologica, 120
  • Format: 17 x 24 cm
  • Binding: Hardcover with dustjacket
  • Pages and Illustrations: 256, 115 b/w ill
  • Publication Year: 2002
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Preface/Presentazione (by Francesca R. Serra Ridgway); Acknowledgments. Bibliography and abbreviations; Introduction. Part One Catalog. Caeretan Workshops; Minor productions. Part Two: Analysis. Chapter I. Shape and Functions of the Braziers. Caeretan impasto ware: Villanovan and Orientalizing; Terminology; Technical and morphological features; Usage and function. Chapter II. Cylinder Stamped Decoration. The precedents: a history of cylinder stamping; The Corinthian connection; Materials used for matrices; Clay stamping in Italy and Caeretan cylinders; Cylinder stamps and bucchero; Chapter III. Iconographic Motifs on Caeretan Braziers; The production at Caere; Introduction; Animal processions; Hunting scenes; Greek myths; Horse racing, Chariot Racing and Banquets; Felines Attacking Prey; Imitation Caeretan Braziers; Tolfa; San Giovenale; Barbarano Romano; Veii. Chapter IV. Cronology, Distribution and Workshops.Chronology; Distribution; The Caeretan workshops; Imitation workshops: Tolfa, San Giovenale, Barbarano, Veii; Conclusions; Index of motifs; Index of proveniences and contexts; Index of museums and collections; List of illustrations.

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