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Bab El-Gasus in Context: Rediscovering the Tomb of the priests of Amun

Bab El-Gasus in Context: Rediscovering the Tomb of the priests of Amun

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  • Series: Egitto Antico, 4
  • Pages and Illustrations: 576, 214 b/w ill, 10 colour ill.
  • Publication Year: 2021
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This book gathers a collection of studies by leading scholars on the Tomb of the Priests of Amun (Bab el-Gasus), where the burials of 153 individuals who lived under the 21st Dynasty have been unearthed, revealing the largest undisturbed tomb ever found in Egypt. This is the first publication to present a coherent vision of this find, with papers addressing a variety of topics including: the reorganization of the Theban necropolis under the 21st Dynasty; the sociological significance of the burials, as well as the funerary goods associated with them; the history of the collections that had been given away to foreign countries in 1893, including their reception and subsequent treatment in museums around the world and in Egypt; carpentry and decoration of anthropoid coffins, using non-invasive analysis of materials; and finally, diversity and meaning of coffin decoration. The volume releases the papers first presented at the international conference held at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the discovery of the Tomb.

Rogério Sousa, Alessia Amenta and Kathleen M. Cooney
Introduction: Remembering the Tomb of the Priests of Amun
Part I
Bab el-Gasus and its time
David A. Aston
The Royal Cache: The history of TT 320
Susanne Bickel
Retrieving the kings treasure reburying the kings body:Contexts of the 21st Dynasty activities in the Valley of the Kings
Giacomo Cavillier
Bab el-Maleg tomb: Considerations and perspectives about an hypothetic royal cache
Nigel Strudwick
Observations on the sources of the coffins reused in the 21st Dynasty
Kathlyn M. Cooney
The Bab el-Gasus coffin cache and patterns of reuse
Rogério Sousa
The Tomb of the Priests of Amun and the restoration of the Theban necropolis
6 Contents
Part II
The afterlife of the Priests of Amun
France Jamen
The entourage of the High Priests of Amun during the 21st Dynasty:A new examination of the Bab el-Gasus funerary equipment
Alba María Villar Gómez
Beyond Amun: The Servants of Khonsu at Bab el-Gasus
Giuseppina Lenzo
An overview of the funerary papyri from Bab el-Gasus
Éva Liptay
Statuettes of Isis and Nephthys in Bab el-Gasus: Traces of the mortuary ritual practice in Thebes during the 21st Dynasty
Jan Moje
A brief overview of the Bab el-Gasus ushebtis within the collections and exhibitions of the gyptisches Museum in Berlin
Part III
Out of Egypt:
Studies on the Foreign Lots of Bab el-Gasus
Mykola Tarasenko
The Lot VI of Bab el-Gasus in the light of the new archive documents
Nika Lavrentyeva
The Khedives Gift: The lost coffin of Iusankh in the Pushkin Museum
Vladimir Bolshakov
Inner coffin of Nesitaudjatakhet from the collection of the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan (Kazan)
M. Carmen Pérez-Die
The Lot XIII of Bab el-Gasus in the Museo Arqueológico Nacional in Madrid
Contents 7
Luc Delvaux
New lights on the Lot XV of Bab el-Gasus
Part IV
Recreating contexts:
documentation, study and display of collections
Andrzej Niwiñski
The newly documented treasure of the 21st Dynasty coffins and fragments in the basement of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
Mona Akma l M. Ahmed
The integrated cultic and ritual context of the Bab el-Gasus collection at the Grand Egyptian Museum
Patricia Rigault
The constitution of the collection of 21st Dynasty coffins of the Egyptian department of the Louvre Museum
Maria Cristina Guidotti
Coffins of the Third Intermediate Period in the Museo Egizio in Florence
Part V
Yellow coffins
Iconography and decoration
Joyce Haynes and Daniel M. Warne
The coffin box of Ankhefenmut in the Albany Institute of History and Art
Nadine Guilhou
Funerary scenes inside Third Intermediate Period coffins: The coffin of Khonsumes, Marseille, Musée de la Vieille Charité
René van Walsem
Bab el-Gasus in context: Different approaches of the dynamics and interpretation of coffin/sarcophagus evolution in Ancient Egypt
8 Contents
Part VI
The anatomy of yellow coff ins.
Technical studies
Julie Dawson, Tom Turmezei
Recut, refashioned, reused: CT scanning and the complex inner coffin of Nespauershefyt
María Cruz Medina Sanchéz
The coffin of Pairusekher (Museo Arqueológico Nacional, Inv. 18253): Study of the polychromy
Paola Busc aglia, Michela Cardinali, Tiziana Cavaleri, Marc o Nervo, Giovanna Prestipino, Paolo Triolo
Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI): For an in-depth investigation of the painted surface of a Vatican coffin from Bab el-Gasus (Vatican Museums, Inv. 25035) from Bab el-Gasus

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