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Eastern Arabia in the first millennium b.C.

Eastern Arabia in the first millennium b.C.

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Programme of the Conference: Alessandra Avanzini, Introduction - Eastern Arabia and the ancient South Arabian kingdoms at the beginning of the first millennium BC; EASTERN ARABIA AND NEIGHBOURING REGIONS A BACKGROUND OF HISTORY AND CONTACTS: Stefania Mazzoni, Arabia in the first millennium BC: the Near Eastern background; Frederick Mario Fales, Southern Mesopotamia in the 1st millennium BC and its contacts with Eastern Arabia; Peter Magee, Iran and the Gulf in the first half of the millennium BC and its contacts with Eastern Arabia; Jean-François Salles, De Pétra au Golfe ou linvention dune route lagide; REASSESSMENT OF THE IRON AGE CHRONOLOGY IN EASTERN ARABIA: Carl Phillips, Iron Age chronology in South East Arabia and new data from Salut, Sultanate of Oman; Jürgen Schreiber, The Iron I-period in South-eastern Arabia - a view from Central Oman; NEW DATA ON SETTLEMENTS AND OASIS PATTERNS: Alessandra Avanzini, Carl Phillips, An outline of recent discoveries at Salut in the Sultanate of Oman; Anne Benoist, Authority and religion in South East Arabia during the Iron Age: a review of architecture and material from columned halls and cultic sites; JoaquÍn MarÍa Córdoba, Larchitecture domestique de lAge du Fer (1300-300 a.C.) dans la péninsule dOman: quelques documents sur les villages et la culture des oasis; Jutta Hser, Continuity and change: Iron Age oasis settlements in Oman; Michel Mouton, Mleiha et le peuplement de la péninsule dOman à la période Pré-Islamique Récente; Khaled Nashef, Saruq al-Hadid: an industrial complex of the Iron Age II period; Walid Yasin Al Tikriti, Heading North: an ancient caravan route and the impact of the falaj system on the Iron Age culture.

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