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Elections, Magistrates and Municipal Elite.

Elections, Magistrates and Municipal Elite.

Studies in Pompeian Epigraphy.

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List of abbreviations - Preface - I. Pompeian epigraphy. Sources. Pompeian studies. Casa ed abitanti di Pompei. Della Corte as an epigraphist - II. Political institutions in Pompeii - III. Programmata recentiora. The dating of programmata recentiora. The function of electoral inscriptions in the election campaign and in Pompeiis social structure - IV. Pompeian magistrates and magisterial candidates in the period 80 BC - 79 AD. The Republican period. The Augustan and Early Imperial period. The period 50 to 79 AD. Analysis of the composition of the magisterial body in the period 80 BC - 79 AD. Concluding remarks on the social and political structure of Pompeian society - Catalogue of programmata recentiora. Catalogue of individual and collective rogatores. Notes. Bibliography. Indices.

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