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Food Nutrition Agriculture.

Food Nutrition Agriculture.

The Challenges of the New Millenium.

  • Series: JUS, 1
  • Format: 17 x 23 cm
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages and Illustrations: 230
  • Publication Year: 2012
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Food, earth, water, the environment we live in and demographic growth represent the inescapable challenges that the multilateral institutions and governments must rise to. Famine, poverty, waste of food and land grabbing, climate change and water shortage are the consequences of irresponsible management of resources and failure to take a global view of the problems and possible solutions.
With Alessia Montani, jurist, vice president of Fabula in Art and creator of the Jus series on the right to new rights, Fabula in Art dedicates its first volume to nutrition, the major challenge of the New Millennium.
In search of viable solutions and given the issues complexity, we have consulted representatives of the major institutions in the sector, such as FAO, PAM and the WHO, exponents of the Council for Research in Agriculture and Slow Food International, as well as professors from various universities, experts in the agricultural, economic and health sectors, and the great Indian geneticist S.M. Swaminathan, together with some of the moving spirits of conviviality.
Finally, the obvious choice was to enhance our texts with works by contemporary artists, chosen by Giorgia Simoncelli, who have focused their creativity on food. Thus we have art and new challenges, communicating with an extraordinary visual language the signs we see taking shape on the horizon of a future that appears uncertain, but it is definitely there.

Alberto Michelini, Introduction; Fabrizio Luciani, Alessia Montani, Presentation; Giorgia Simoncelli, Preface; Roberto Pasca di Magliano, Sapienza University of Rome The right to nutrition and human capital; Jean Balié, Kay Muir-Leresche, Ilaria Proietti, FAO - Agrobiodiversity for food security; Hafez Ghanem, FAO - Closing the gap between men and women in agriculture; Mario Baccini, National Microcredit Agency Rural microfinance and cooperation in development: limits and new prospects; Vicki De Marchi, PAM - The right food at the right time; Maankombu Sambasivan Swaminathan, Genetist Nutrition Sensitive and Climate Resilient Agriculture; Annamaria Castrignanò, CRA Bari - Technological Innovations: Precision Farming; Tiziana M.P. Cattaneo, CRA Milano, The food industry and new technologies between tradition and modernity; John Kariuki, Slow Food International, 1000 Gardens in Africa; He Jingyue, Zhu Jian, Quiandeng China food and agriculture Culture Industrial Park; Luca Passerini, OMS Nutrition, health and sickness; Aldo Pinchera, University of Pisa, Diet and obesity; Mario Boselli, National Chamber for Italian Fashion, Fashion and anorexia; Giuseppe Mazzarino, Antonella Sotira IUSgustando - IUSdisputando IUSgustando: the modern conviviality of the Symposium; Roberto Zanghi, Chane des Rótisseurs Chane des Rótisseurs or on conviviality; Fulvio Pierangelini, Chef Food, the challenge of simplicity; Luca Maroni, Enologist The role of wine in nutrition; Notes and general bibliography; List and description of the artworks.

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