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L'Acqua nell'antico Egitto: Vita, rigenerazione, incantesimo, medicamento.

L'Acqua nell'antico Egitto: Vita, rigenerazione, incantesimo, medicamento.

Proceedings for the First International Conference for Young Egyptologists - Italy, Chianciano Terme, October 15-18, 2003

  • Series: Egitto Antico, 3
  • Format: 17 x 24 cm
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages and Illustrations: 448, 80 b/w ill
  • Publication Year: 2005
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Acknowledgments; Foreword; Preface (A. Amenta; M. M. Luiselli; M. N. Sordi); Preface (J. Baines); Conference Programme; Section I - Water in ancient egyptian literature; A. Loprieno, Water and Literature in Ancient Egypt; G. Cavillier, Il pXr-wr e il suo significato nella letteratura egiziana a sfondo bellico; A. Gallasch-Hall, The Water in the Corpus Ermeticum - One European View; C. Knigge, "He keeps the river Nile flowing, the field is full of his richness". Some Remarks on the Hymn to the Nile and Inundation and Fertilty Motifs in Post-New Kingdom Hymns and Related Texts; R. Landgráfová, Water in Ancient Egypt Love Songs; H. Navrátilová, The "Unwetterstele" of Ahmose as a Historical Text; Section II - Water in ancient egyptian history and culture; Y.Koenig, L'eau et la magie; J. Budka, The Third Cataract: Its Historical and Political Importance According to Royal and Private Rock Inscriptions at Tombos; M. Campagno, Fighting in the Water. On "Ordeals", Kinship and State in the Contendings of Horus and Seth (Papyrus Chester Beatty I); R. Cepko, Amenemhat III et le divinités aquatiques: la politique royale dans l'oasis du Fayoum; A. Fassone, Canopo e le sue acque: il fiume, il lago, il mare. Vita e religiosità in età tardo-faraonica e greco-romana; R. B. Gozzoli, Inondazione e pioggia come segno di predilezione divina durante la XXV e XXVI dinastia; b. Heagren, Water Related Diseas in Ancient Egypt; E. Kanitz, La gestione delle risorse idriche nellEgitto antico e nell'Egitto moderno: un confronto; K. Muhlestein, Death by Water: The Role of Water in Ancient Egypt's Treatment of Enemies and Juridical Process; R. G. Tatomir, Coincidentia oppositorum et conjunctio oppositorum: The Mental Category of Water in the Ancient Egyptian Universe; Section III - Water in Ancient Egyptian Religion; S. Bickel, Creative and Destructive Waters; B. Claus, Osiris et Hapi: crue et régéneration en Egypt ancienne; A. Corthals, The Procession of the New Year in the Staircases at Edfu and Dendara; E. M. Laborinho, Nun, the Primeval Water According of the Coffin Texts; H. Rotsch, The Primeval Ocean Nun and the Terminology of Water in Ancient Egypt; M. Tomorad, Egyptian Cults of Isis and serapis in Roman Fleets; Section IV . Water in ancient egyptian ritual and cult; M. Bommas, Situlae and the offering of Water in the Divine Funerary Cult: A New Approach to the Ritual of Djeme; E. Buzov, The Role of the Heart in the Purification; M .E. Colin, Presenting Water to the Deities within the Barque Sanctuaries of Graeco-Roman Times; A. Cosentino, Il battesimo nei testi di Nag Hammadi; K. Dohrmann, Das Sedfest-Ritual Sesotris' I. -Kontext und Semantik des Dekorationsprogramms der Lischter Sitzatatuen; R. Hlzl, Libation Basins from the Old to the New Kingdom: Practical Use and Religions Significance; R. Lucarelli, A Libation Text in the Book of the Dead of Gatseshen; A. Smith, Kingship, Water and Ritual: The Ablution Rite in the Coronation Ritual of the Pharaoh; S. Sportellini, L'acqua, essenza purificatrice e rigenerante: il vaso-heset in alcune delle iconografie più ricorrenti; Section V - poster; C. Booth, The Uses and Abuses of water in Papyrus Westcar; M. C. Centrone, "This is the form of [] Osiris of the mysteries, who springs from the returning waters" (South Wall of the Osiris Room at the Great Temple of Philae); M. Franci, Quelques consideration sur le champ sématique du déterminatif mw; S. Ruzanova, Neith of Sais as Water Goddess; R. Ferreira de Sousa, Heart and Water in the Religious Anthropology of Ancient Egypt; A. P. Zingarelli, Some Considerations about the Water Offered (Poured) by the Tree Goddess at TT 49; Abbreviations; Bibliography, List of Contributors.

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