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Libya Antiqua. Nuova Serie. 1995/1.

Libya Antiqua. Nuova Serie. 1995/1.

Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Libya.

  • Series: Libya Antiqua. Nuova Serie., 1
  • Format: 21 x 31 cm
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages and Illustrations: 304, 193 b/w ill, 10 Plates
  • Publication Year: 1996
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Ali Emhemmed al-Khadduri, Foreword - Geoarchaeology of the Jebel Gharbi Region: Outline of the research: B. E. Barich, The Jebel Gharbi archaeological project. A synthesis, with an Appendix by C. Lemorini, Use-water analysis of SJ-90-13 lithic complex C. Giraudi, Geomorphology and sedimentology in the Ghan and Zargha Wadis and on the Jado Plateau - C. Conati-Barbaro, The Umm el-Grib rock-shelter and the exploitation of resources in Jebel Gharbi - C. Capezza, The plant cover: Prospects for archaeobotanical analysis - M. Lupacciolu, Missione congiunta libico-italiana per ricerche paletnologiche nel Sahara. Campagna 1928-83: risultati preliminari - E. A. A. Garcea & R. Sebastaiani, Excavations at Uah Telocat (Lybian Sahara) - C. Dobias-Lalou & F. A. Mohamed, A funerary inscription in archaic script from Cyrene - S. Ensoli, I Propilei Greci del Santuario di Apollo a Cirene. Rapporto preliminaredei lavori compiuti negli anni 1980-1984 e 1987 - F. A. Mohamed & J. Reynolds, Inscriptions from the cemetery at Karsa - R. Rebuffat, Le centurion M. Porcius Iasucthan à Bu Njem (notes et documents XI) - M. A. Abulgassem, La survie de l'arc de Marc Aurèle et de Lucius Vérus à Tripoli au fil des siècles - A. M. al-Ballush, Preliminary investigations on tile panels in some Libyan religious and secular buildings and on similar tile panels in Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt - Archaeological News 1993-1994 - Department of Antiquities, Cyrene - Department of Antiquities Benghazi - Department of Antiquities, Leptis Magna - Department of Antiquities, Sabratha - Archaeological Mission in Libya Short Reports.

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