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Nato Frascà

Nato Frascà

La didattica, un percorso artistico

  • Pages and Illustrations: 142, 20 b/w ill
  • Publication Year: 2019
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Two days have been dedicated to the study of the multifaceted figure of Nato Frascà, thirteen years after his death, with the participation of art historians, critics, teachers of various disciplines, psychologists, psychotherapists, graphologists, musicians and students. It has allowed a better comprehension of Nato Frascà' s work, both as an artist amidst the Italian cultural scene and as a teacher during his twenty-year-long career in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. It has been an in-depth analysis to clarify (or at least to discuss) the value and the effects of his didactics on the making of several generations of students along a time-line that goes from the 1980' s to the 1990' s, a historical period crossed by profound contrasts and epochal changes.

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