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Niccolò Stenone (1638-1686): Anatomista, geologo, vescovo.

Niccolò Stenone (1638-1686): Anatomista, geologo, vescovo.

Atti del seminario. Roma 2000.

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Prefazione; Helge Salvesen, The Holistic Scientist Niels Stensen and the University Ideal and Challenges;Stig Holsting, A Homage; Hans Kermit, The life of Niels Stensen; Hans Kermit, The Oneness in Niels Stensen; Pina Totaro, "Ho certi amici in Ollandia": Stensen and Spinoza-science verso faith; Anne Vibeke vad, Polidore and Théophile: The rationalist and the Faithful Observer; Jens Morten Hansen, Il giudizio di Stenone sulla metologia cartesiana; Troels Kardel, On "Perhaps the weakest" of Stensen's Works: Whath Causes Muscular Movement, Inflation or Contraction?; Stefano De Rosa, Cosimo III de' Medici e Niccolò Stenone; Kari Elisabeth Brresen, Some Approaches to Niels Stensen's Theology; August Ziggelar; S.J., L'evoluzione spirituale di Niccolò Stenone giovane; Niels Stensen, A Chronology.

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