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Notion of Religion in Comparative Research (The).

Notion of Religion in Comparative Research (The).

Selected Proceedings of the XVI Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions. Rome, 3rd-8th September, 1990.

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part one - The Congress. Generalities - Sections of the Congress - The theme of the Congress.Events. Acknowledgements - Committees - Report by the Secretary-General, prof.M. Pye - Prof.U.Bianchi, Perspectives du Congrès - Index of invited papers - Index of selected papers - The Congress scientific chronicle - List of participants - List of represented countries - Part two - Invited papers - Selected papers - Oceania, Africa, Mesoamerica - East Asia, India - Iran, Egypt - Greece, Rome, Hellenism, Pre-Christian Europe - Judaism - Christianity in the first centuries.Christianity in modern times - Gnosticism, Manichaesim - Islam - Buddhism - New religions - Metholodogy of comparative research - Phenomenology of religion - Anthropology of religion, Philosophy of religion - Concluding session. Retrospect and prospect/ The History of religions.

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