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Palladio and Concrete: Archaeology, Innovation, Legacy

Palladio and Concrete: Archaeology, Innovation, Legacy

With a foreword by Howard Burns

  • Series: LermArte, 26
  • Pages and Illustrations: 116, 60 b/w ill, 20 colour ill.
  • Publication Year: 2020
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Palladio was the first to provide a visual representation of an ancient concrete walling construction method using removable wooden formwork, which he termed maniera riempiuta, a method since used by modern and contemporary architects. The current study traces Palladios creative reading of Vitruvius, focusing on the afterlife of Vitruvian emplekton, since it seems to have been equated during the Renaissance with the maniera riempiuta. It also investigates the Classical literary and archaeological sources of the concrete walling methods proposed by Palladio, identifying a forgotten aspect of their enduring impact on European architecture until at least the early nineteenth century.

Foreword Howard Burns
I. The Historical Terminology of Concrete from Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century
II.Vitruvius, Opus Caementicium and the Renaissance
III.Emplekton Walling in Renaissance Architectural Writings before Palladio
IV.Daniele Barbaro and Palladio on Concrete infill Walling
V. The Legacy of Palladios Maniera Riempiuta in Late Eighteenth-Century France
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