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Saxo Grammaticus as Latin Poet.

Saxo Grammaticus as Latin Poet.

Studies in the Verse Passages of the Gesta Danorum.

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Ackonowledgements - Preface; I. The author and his conception of poetry - The Gesta Danorum and its author - Saxo and France - Saxo on his poems - II.The prosimetrum of the Gesta Danorum - The Latin prosimetrum - The Old Norse prosimetrum - Saxos prosimetrum - III. The Bjarkamál - Chronology and background - Olriks restoration - The poem and its context - Exposition of the poem - The Bjarkamál as a Latin epic - A short analysis - The Aleandreis and fame after death - Vergils Nyctomachia and the Bjarkamál - The Blooda Feast at Roskilde and the Bjarkamál - Conclusion - IV.Starcatherus the poet - Book VIand the power of poetry - Saxos Starcatherus - The Lay of Helga - The Lay of Ingellus - V.Saxo the translator, stylist, and metrician - Parallelism and the verse of the Gesta Danorum -Saxos poetical language - Formulaic phrasing in the hexameter - Metrical technique - Conclusion - Appendix I. Conspectus metrorum - Appendix II. - Appendix III. - Bibliography - Indices

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