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Seat of the World the Palatine of Ancient Rome.

Seat of the World the Palatine of Ancient Rome.

  • Series: Studia Archaeologica, 189
  • Format: 17 x 24 cm
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages and Illustrations: 137
  • Publication Year: 2013
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After thirty seasons of field work on the Palatine Hill, the author felt it was time to put the results in book form. It is an archaeological, architectural, geological, and historical study of the development of the Palatine from Prehistoric Times to 476 C.E. An Epilogue covers events to 2007. The Palatine is important due to the fact that this is where the City of Rome had its beginnings. It was also the seat of the Imperial Government from 27 B.C.E. until 330 C.E. Even after Constantine had shifted the capital to Byzantium, it retained its mystical importance. Chapter One deals with previous work on the Palatine. The Second Chapter shows the geological evolution of the hill. Chapters Three through Seven deals with construction on the hill. The Epilogue briefly deals with excavations in the 21st Century. A Bibliography is attached at the end.

Short Vita
C. Wade Meade served in the Korean War with the First Marine Division. He received his PhD from The University of Texas at Austin and then taught Roman Archaeology and Roman History at Louisiana Tech University. While there Meade participated in the Tech-Rome Program from 1970 through 2000. After thirty-nine years he retired from Tech and moved to Tyler, TX, where he taught for four and one-half years at UT Tyler.

Preface; Introduction; CHAPTER I: DISCOVERIES AND EXCAVATIONS: Early Studies; Systematic Excavations; Nineteenth Century; Twentieth Century; Recent Studies; CHAPTER TWO: GEOLOGY OF THE PALATINE: Geology of Italy; Palatine Geology; CHAPTER THREE: PREHISTORIC PALATINE: Pre-Neolithic Times; The Neolithic Age; The Palatine in the Bronze and Iron Ages; CHAPTER FOUR: THE PALATINE DURING THE REGAL PERIOD: Romulus Unifies; The King Exits the Hill; CHAPTER FIVE: THE REPUBLICAN PALATINE: Early Republic; Temples Come to the Hill; 8 C. Wade meade; Private Homes; Other Construction; CHAPTER SIX: THE EARLY EMPIRE: Julio - Claudian Builders; Flavian Builders; During the Golden Age; CHAPTER SEVEN: THE LATER EMPIRE: Severan Builders; Decline ; EPILOGUE; Appendix I: Glossary; Appendix II: Chronological List Of Monuments; Appendix III: Lithologic Sections; Appendix IV: Classification; Select Bibliography.

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