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The Miraculous Image

The Miraculous Image

In the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance.

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preface by Eric Thun and Gerhard Wolf; introduction by André Vauchez; R. C. Trexler, being and Non-Being. Parameters of the Miraculous in the Traditional Religious Image; E. Thun, The Miraculous Image and the Centralized Church. Santa Maria della Consolazione in Todi; P. Davies, The Lighting of Pilgrimage Shrines in Renaissance Italy; R. Maniura, The Images and Miracles of Santa Maria delle Carceri; M. Holmes, The Elusive Origins of the Cult of the Annunziata in Florence; G. Barone, Immagini miracolose a Roma alla fine del Medio Evo; B. Kempers, The Popes Two Bodies. Julius II, Raphael and Saint Lukes Virgin of Santa Maria del Popolo; B. Wisch, Keys to Success. Property and Promotion of Miraculous Images by Roman Confraternities; M. Steen Hansen, Parmigianino and the Defence of a Miraculous Image; J. Garnet and G. Rosser, Translations of the Miraculous. Cult Images and Their Representations in Early Modern Liguria; M. Bacci, Portolano sacro. Santuari e immagini sacre lungo le rotte di navigazione del Mediterraneo tra tardo Medioevo e prima età moderna; S. Verdi Webster, Shameless Beauty and Worldly Splendor. On the Spanish Practice of Adornino the Virgin; A. Lidov, The Flying Hodegetria. The Miraculous Icon as Bearer of sacred Space; G. Wolf, Le immagini nel Quattrocento tra miracolo e magia. Per una iconologia rifondata; Contributors.

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