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Villa Giulia National Etruscan Museum (The).

Villa Giulia National Etruscan Museum (The).

Short Guide. Ed. inglese.

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Foreword; Pope Julius Villa; Origins and Development of the Museum; Visiting the Museum: Rooms 1-5 Vulci;Room 6 Bisenzio; Room 7 Veio; Rooms 8-10 Cerveteri; Room 11 Epigraphic Section; Rooms 12-17 Antiquarium; Sala 18 The Cima-Pesciotti Collection; Rooms 19-20 The Castellani Collection; Rooms 21-22 The Pyrgi Sanctuary; Room 23 The history of the Museum; Rooms 24-25 IThe architectural complex; FALISCan-CAPENAS SRCTION: Room 26 Capena and the minor centres of the Falisca ager: Corchiano, Vignanello, Nepi; Room 27 Narce; Rooms 28-31 Falerii Veteres; LATIUM VETUS SECTION: Room 32 Alatri, Ardea, Tivoli, Lanuvio, Segni, Gabi; Room 33 Satrico; Room 34 Palestrina [la]; UMBRIA SECTION: Room 35 Terni, Nocera Umbra, Gualdo Tadino, Todi); Bibliography.

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