Forthcoming June 2019: Terra Incognita. The Rediscovery of an Italian People with no Name. By Massimo Osanna

The research on this area, the results of which are presented in this volume, are the results of years of commitment by numerous collaborators and students. The archaeological investigations at Torre di Satriano, directed by the undersigned, were coordinated by Maria Maddalena Sica (2000-2003), Lucia Colangelo (2004-2008) and Barbara Serio (2009-2014); the surface survey was carried out by Barbara Serio and Marco Di Lieto (2004-2008). Marco Fabbri (for the Roman Age) and Francesca Sogliani (for the Medieval Age) took part in the scientific research and the planning of the investigation strategies. The excavations were granted by and benefited from the support of the following Superintendents over the years: Maria Luisa Nava (2000-2006), Giuliana Tocco (2006-2007), the author (2007-2008), Caterina Greco (2008-2009), and Antonio del Siena (2010-2014). I would like to thank all of them, and all those who have taken part in the research, the result of a true synergy between the University and the Superintendency.
A special thanks goes to my friend Alfonsina Russo, a long-time official in charge of the territory, for her significant contribution to the research and numerous fruitful discussions. Moreover, I would like to express my gratitude to all the students of the School of Specialization in Matera and the other Institutions who collaborated by sending students (from Heidelberg to Pau, from Paris to Kingston, from Mount Allison to Amsterdam): without their work and their passion, without their desire to learn, everything that has been done could not have been achieved.

Terra Incognita. The Rediscovery of an Italian People with no Name.

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