Tabula Gratulationis for Sebastiano Tusa to be published on the volume THE SITE OF THE BATTLE OF THE AEGATES ISLANDS AT THE END OF THE FIRST PUNIC WAR

Dear L'ERMA Follower,
With the consent of Valeria Li Vigni Tusa, we are hereby anouncing the possibility for those who may be interested in participating to the Tabula Gratulationis for Sebastiano Tusa, included in the forthcoming volume THE SITE OF THE BATTLE OF THE AEGATES ISLANDS AT THE END OF THE FIRST PUNIC WAR. I am sending you the book’s flier and kindly ask you, in the event that you were interested, to please confirm your participation by returning the form on the last page with the requested amount which will allow us to send the volume to the press including your name on the Tabula gratulationis.
The volume THE SITE OF THE BATTLE OF THE AEGATES ISLANDS AT THE END OF THE FIRST PUNIC WAR will have 322 pages with 146 figures, 55 of which in color. The amount to be fulfilled by you is of € 90,00 which includes shipping and handling fees.
We look forward to hearing from you no later than September 15th, which is the due date for closing subscriptions to the Tabula gratulationis given the imminent publication of the volume.
Best regards,
Roberto Marcucci, Publisher

From the Foreword by Valeria Li Vigni Tusa

The date of the naval battle of the Aegates, fought on March 10 241 B.C. between the navies of Rome and Carthage, coincides with the month and day my husband Sebastiano Tusa passed away on the tragic plane crash of the Ethiopian B38M near Bishoftu, Ethiopia: March 10 2019.
This coincidence is even more bizarre because Sebastiano was the most innovative and important scholar of such epoch-making event, providing results which have radically changed the stratified historiography of the final episode of the First Punic War. Such brilliant results were achieved thanks to the quality of his interdisciplinary research style, which included an accurate research of the primary sources together with a passion for the world of underwater archaeology. He had established a strong relationship with such a world and was convinced the importance of adhering to it would soon yield an interpretative key to the mapping of the new artifacts and pinpoint their site. He was gifted with the abilities to convey, divulgate, teach, and involve everyone of the new results of his explorations, entrusting them to the tutelage of an immense cultural heritage.

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