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With more than 120 years of experience, «L'ERMA» di BRETSCHNEIDER Publishers is a long-consolidated name in international publishing, noted for the worldwide publication, circulation and distribution of academic works on archaeology, philology, history, and the history of art, etc. «L'ERMA» has a long track record of working with leading museums, universities and international public and private institutions.

«L'ERMA» di BRETSCHNEIDER di Bretschneider is glad to receive and consider new works which reflect ground-breaking scholarly and/or didactic thinking in the fields of classical studies, archaeology, history of art and the rest of the humanities.

Before starting work on a new monographic book or a new article for a review, it is advisable to carefully read through our Rules for Submissions. Please contact the Editors at «L'ERMA» di Bretschneider for any further information or advice.

Elena Montani
Dario Scianetti
Maurizio Pinto

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